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What Makes Strike Special?

  • 20x Leverage On-Chain Perpetual Swap

    Traders can trade with up to 20x leveraged long or short on Ethereum with low and transparent fees.

  • Trading On-Chain & Off-Chain Synthetic Assets

    Strike supports both conventional and blockchain-based assets like gold, crude oil, fiat currencies, and BTC.

  • Guaranteed Liquidity Provided by AMMs

    Automated Market Makers provide guaranteed on-chain liquidity and solve liquidity issues plagued by most orderbook-style DEXs.

  • Zero Impermanent Loss from Underlying Price Fluctuation

    In contrast to popular DeFi protocols that also utilize AMMs, stakers on Strike do not suffer from any impermanent loss caused by price fluctuation.

How does Strike Work?

  • AMMs backed by Liquidity Reserve

    Strike is composed of two parts: Uniswap-like AMMs and a built-in Liquidity Reserve which backs and secures the AMMs.

  • Traders

    Like Uniswap, traders can trade with AMMs directly without counter-parties. The AMMs provide guaranteed on-chain liquidity with predictable pricing set by constant product curves.

  • Stakers

    SKE holders can stake SKEs to Liquidity Reserve, which is used as the last line of defense to cover the unexpected losses. In return, stakers are rewarded with part of the tx fees plus staking rewards.

What is the Utility of SKE Tokens?

  • SKE Tokens

    SKE is Strike's ERC-20 native protocol token and issued by Strike DAO.

  • Staking

    SKE holders can stake SKEs to secure the protocol. In return, stakers are rewarded with part of the tx fees plus staking rewards every week.

  • Governance

    Once the ecosystem is matured and there is broader token distribution, Strike will gradually transition into a DAO and let the community decide the future development of the protocol.

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